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Testimonials from parents past and present

"Woodlands proved the perfect foundation for our children, Georgina and Finn. Both of them have made the transition from pre-school to 'big' school almost seamlessly, in no small part due to the excellent preparation they received at Woodlands. They are confident, quick and eager to learn and as a result they have received excellent reports from their teachers." Conrad previous parent.

"Just wanted to give you some feedback about our Learning Journey. It is always lovely to read these and see how he is progressing. The descriptions of Olly were so accurate and it was as if he was jumping off the page at us whilst we read the reports. The learning journey you produce is extremely high quality and very helpful. We really appreciate the effort that clearly goes into it." Nikki parent attending.

"We definitely believe that sending our son to nursery at Woodlands Day Care has given him a great starting point in life and especially education. It was pretty obvious when he first started school that he was more advanced than the majority of children in his class and this advantage has continued through to Year 4 where he still enjoys being in the top groups for all subjects." Dan past and present parent.

"Having just returned from Otto's first ever parents evening at 'big' school, we had to write and thank you for the work you have done with Otto. We were told that he has a very good, above average, foundation for learning and is one a few boys who are already making progress, 6 weeks in. Clearly your holistic approach to learning through play is very effective and engages even the most distracted of children like Otto! With this, I feel very reassured that Otto, being the youngest in his Reception class, will flourish and enjoy school which is all thanks to his great start at Woodlands Day Care. Thank you." Giles and ​Rosie past and present parents.

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